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Custom console commands on Vapor are a breeze.


To make a custom console command we must first create a new .swift file, import Vapor and Console, and implement the Command protocol.

import Vapor
import Console

final class MyCustomCommand: Command {
    public let id = "command"
    public let help = ["This command does things, like foo, and bar."]
    public let console: ConsoleProtocol

    public init(console: ConsoleProtocol) {
        self.console = console

    public func run(arguments: [String]) throws {
        console.print("running custom command...")
  • The id property is the string you will type in the console to access the command. .build/debug/App command will run the Custom Command.
  • The help property is the help message that will give your custom command's users some idea of how to access it.
  • The console property is the object passed to your custom command that adheres to the console protocol, allowing manipulation of the console.
  • The run method is where you put the logic relating to your command.

After we work our magic in the Custom Command file, we switch over to our main.swift file and add the custom command to the droplet like so.

drop.commands.append(MyCustomCommand(console: drop.console))

This allows Vapor access to our custom command and lets it know to display it in the --help section of the program.

After compiling the application we can run our custom command like so.

.build/debug/App command